Conventional Loan with Zero Borrower Contributions Now Available!

#imortgage #zerodown

#imortgage #zerodown

That’s right!

Reduced Mortgage Insurance coverage, (A lot less than FHA)

Low down payment, (Can be all a gift)

and income-source flexibility considerations that can include boarder income, and

income from an occupying co-borrower with an insufficient credit history.

Also have this loan for teachers, police officers, firefighters, health care workers, and military personnel.  Expanded consideration of part-time and overtime income with 12-month history, as well as manual underwriting and gifted reserves are considered for these borrowers.

This program allows expanded income limits (115% of Area Median Income), and non-occupying co-borrowers for borrowers or family members with a disability.         

Ryan Cramer has been in the mortgage industry since 1993 providing responsible lending and helping his customers achieve and maintain sustainable homeownership. He is committed to finding the right mortgage solution that suits the individual customer by offering a multitude of home loan products and services that meet many different financial needs. Ryan's breath of knowledge, attention to detail, extreme accessibility and passion for what he does makes him a standout loan officer and partner. imortgage, as a premier direct lender, provides a team of underwriters and processors to support Ryan and assist in funding each loan on time, every time.

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