Don’t Fall for the rate trap

What is the most important thing to consider when choosing your home loan? Is it the rate? The term? Or, maybe the loan program? Many experts agree that the most important factor is the loan amount.

#ratetrap #mortgage #imortgage #arizona

#ratetrap #mortgage #imortgage #arizona

Why? Because choosing the right loan amount can have a tremendous impact on your financial future.

Here’s an example: The Smiths and Joneses are both looking for a $250,000 home and each couple has $60,000 cash available for a down payment. The Smiths want to put 20% toward their down payment, while Mr. and Mrs. Jones have decided to go with a “No Money Down” program.

#imortgage #loancomparison #arizona

#imortgage #loancomparison

Who is in better financial condition after closing? Which buyer has money for emergencies? And, what about retirement planning?

As you shop for a mortgage, don’t fall into the trap of simply asking about rates. The actual loan amount can determine your ability to invest for your future and still have room to handle life’s surprises.

I hope to speak with you soon about designing a mortgage plan to meet your financial goals.


Ryan Cramer has been in the mortgage industry since 1993 providing responsible lending and helping his customers achieve and maintain sustainable homeownership. He is committed to finding the right mortgage solution that suits the individual customer by offering a multitude of home loan products and services that meet many different financial needs. Ryan's breath of knowledge, attention to detail, extreme accessibility and passion for what he does makes him a standout loan officer and partner. imortgage, as a premier direct lender, provides a team of underwriters and processors to support Ryan and assist in funding each loan on time, every time.

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